This is a Caymanian owned business that focuses on fish quality rather than quantity.

Here are the reasons I started this business:

Fish caught in the wild is the only source of protein that is not adulterated with hormones and antibiotics that are widely used in raising beef, chicken and pork. To maintain a healthy life style, it makes sense to shun meat and rely mostly on fish as a safe source of animal protein.

I started fishing professionally at a young age and have had a lifelong interest in the sea and boats.  I spent the best part of 10 years living and cruising extensively on my sailboat, catching a large variety of pelagic fish during oceans crossings.

Professional fishing in the Cayman Islands is done mostly with larger vessels that can carry up to 10,000 pounds of fish in their ice holds. These boats have the capability to remain at sea for 2 to 3 weeks in order to fill up these large fish holds.

I felt there was a need for smaller vessels that fish for no longer than 7 days at sea before returning home with no more than 3,000 pounds of fish at a time to ensure utmost freshness. Supermarkets that buy from a number of different sources have often commented that our product is the freshest they receive.

How we care for the fish we catch:

As soon as the fish comes onboard – be it red snapper, wahoo, grouper or tuna – it is immediately immersed in an icy brine, a mixture of ice and sea water, where it dies without undue stress. The fish is then gutted and placed belly down in a well insulated ice hold where it is packed with ice all around.

Upon arrival at the dock, the fish is scaled and again placed in an icy brine prior to being packed in plastic bags for delivery in smaller ice-filled insulated boxes to our many customers, restaurants, caterers and supermarkets.

Our boat crews:

The key to success in the fishing business, besides operating a fuel efficient seaworthy vessel, is to find and hire an excellent crew that takes good care of the fish caught. The captain of "Mr. P" is Caymanian, while the crew members are expert fishermen from Honduras. They all take great pride in doing their jobs, customer satisfaction being their priority. In the picture, red and black snappers are shown side by side, the latter being a very tasty fish prized by the connoisseurs.

In conclusion:

This Website has been specifically designed to make the planning and ordering of fresh fish as efficient as possible for the restaurant operator.  Once on the “Fish for Sale” list page, fill in the quantity desired and tick the box corresponding to the vessel catching the fish after reference to the ETA at the bottom of the list. There is also a comment box available if further information is necessary. Your order will be e-mailed to me with a copy to your email address for your records. Currently, “Mr. P” is focusing on catching snappers and groupers, while “Midnight Fish” will pursue tuna, mahi-mahi and wahoo in season.

As fish gets caught, it is listed daily for each vessel through a sat-phone link. Please, check the list daily:  as fish is bought the corresponding quantity will be deducted from the total available for sale.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome by email: frank@sea-gems.net or by phone: 925-4773.
Warm regards to all my existing and prospective customers...