Our fleet comprises 3 fishing vessels: currently engaged in fishing are “Mr. P” and “Midnight Fish”, while the larger vessel, “Miss Bianca” is being outfitted with a freezer to transport frozen seafood, such as fish, conchs and lobsters from the fishing grounds to various Caribbean islands.

“Mr. P”

She’s a sleek 40 foot vessel just refitted with a new electronically controlled 135hp John Deere engine to reduce fuel consumption. Her hull is that of the pilot boats plying the English Channel in any weather, which makes her very seaworthy. She can carry 3,000 pounds of fish and 380 gallons of fuel.

“Midnight Fish”

She’s the smallest of the fleet at 36’ in length, but her 14’ beam offers much room to fish. She is powered by an economical 6 cylinder 135 hp Ford diesel. Her 2 ice holds can also accommodate 3000 pounds of fish and she carries 480 gallons of fuel.

“Miss Bianca”

She is a well-known Broadfire 51, originally outfitted as a longliner but now being converted as a seafood transport. Her 200 hp GM 6-71 engine is ideal to push her at an economical cruising speed of 8 knots and her 2000 gallons fuel tank would allow her to cross the Atlantic without stopping to refuel. In addition, she can carry 20,000 pounds of fresh or frozen seafood.